Wednesday, October 18, 2006

suck monkey balls

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Ok, so monkey balls are the hot new trend in the streets.

it's 2 necklaces. 1 is a plaque that comes in different styles, from plain gold to jewel-encrusted, that says "I'M SUCKING MONKEY BALLS"

the 2nd is the same kind of chain, but on the end is little metal monkey testicles. you put them in your mouth when you want to look fresh, or when you are chilling. All who lack monkey balls will envy you!

Henceforth, when you say "that sucks monkey balls", it means that the thing you are talking about is totally awesome.
When something "does not suck even one measly monkey ball", it is very boring and lame.

One competing product is Duck Butt, which is pretty cool, but if you're sucking duck butt & you run into someone sucking monkey balls it will be real embarassing for you. So suck Monkey Balls™!

Monkey Balls LLC is looking for investors to make our dream a reality.

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