Wednesday, October 11, 2006

First Endorsement -- The Rent is Too Damn High! for NY Governor

Despite the disconcerting removal of 'damn' from the name, Googlefritz gives its full-throated and unqualified endorsement for the office of Governor of the State of New York to "The Rent is too High" party."

Only the inclusion of unmitigated F-bombs could swive our political allegiances any closer to this noble party platform, and even the risk of divulging what state in which this highly secretive blog is located cannot prevent us from raising our voices as one: YES! THE RENTS IS TOO HIGH! VIVA JIMMY MCMILLAN!

Googlefritz is nothing if not a hedge-shop. With that in mind, we extend our endorsement of Mr. McMillan to not only the Governor's office in Albany, but any and all open seats across the great Empire state.

As the man himself says: "Rents are too high! There's nothing else to talk about!"

also please let us know immediately if you know of any apartments opening up like real soon

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