Friday, November 30, 2007

YouTuberStar All About The Snark

We at Googlefritz blush at our tardiness in discovering this beauty. In our defense, we can say it was worth holding out for comments as good as these.

YouTuberstar of the week, Salut!

TheSnareBeast (2 days ago)
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That little girl is so disgusted to be on the boat with him.
DarthSchwartz (1 week ago)
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The new definition of PIMP!!!
gsp1179 (1 week ago)
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The dutch were cryogenically frozen in the 80's and were all recently un-thawed apparently.

Listen to those stupid cheesy synths
RikBooker (1 week ago)
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This explains a hell of a lot about the Dutch really. I have visions of being forced to lay beneath a glass-top table and this little Eric Cartman chap doin' his groove thang...
SirLoin1987 (1 week ago)
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Best Shit ever ! Please Poop on my chest!


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