Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Undiscovered Web Slang

ONY = "Only in New York" - Sarcastic. Indicates banality.

OT = Over Trolled, i.e. why this threat has become useless

CTS1H = "Can't Type - Surfing One-Handed"

CTITREK = "Can't Type - IT Recording Every Keystroke"

TLBE = "Thought Lost Before I Hit 'Enter'" - shorthand lament for the trillions of incomplete blog posts.

EBOD = Eat a Bag o' Dicks -- Best response to Glenn Reynolds

(0) = Indicates typist passed gas (often mistaken for slow metal band whose 15 minutes are nearly up).

YIRBBT = Yeah I read boingboing too

TDTUFPOM = Take down that ugly flickr picture of me

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